Principal Scientific Results of Corten:



Stall Flag: The Aerodynamic and Optical theory.

1999: Rotational Effects on Wind Turbine Aerodynamics : The first physical explanation and analytical solution of lift augmentation in stalled areas on rotating airfoils.


Insects Cause Double Stall: explaining the multiple power levels of wind turbines by the flying behaviour of insects.

Heat Generation of Wind Energy Extraction.: the insight that a wind turbine which produces useful power P, does not extract P from the wind (the classical result), but extracts 1 P, from which P is inherently dissipated as heat.



Wind power is not always linear to the cube of the speed: In complex terrain with wind concentration the wind V should be divided into two parts: the undisturbed Vu and the concentrated Vc. Then the power in the wind increases by the cube of Vu and linear with Vc.


2006: Vortex Blades.