Slender blades

The concept of Slender Blades has brought about a breakthrough in rotor design, pushing the boundaries of efficiency. Building on this foundation, CortEnergy has taken the concept even further by incorporating Suzlon Blade Technology. The outcome is a rotor that boasts an impressive 6-10% higher yield compared to conventional designs.

Stall Flag

The Stall Flag is an simple yet effective measuring instrument, able to determine the flow status of a moving surface though a fluid. The flags are aplied to a moving surface. While the surface moves through a fluid the flaps hinge from the one to the other position depending on the flow conditions. The position of such flaps can be determent because one side of the flags is distinctively different from afar.

Corten Vortex Generator

The Corten Vortex Generator is a CFD optimized, UV-stable, and erosion-resistant vortex generator made of PVDF. It’s easily applicable, non-intrusive, and tested for 20 years of maintenance-free operation on wind turbines. Suitable for all rotor types, it enhances yield up to 3% for variable speed turbines and up to 10-20% for constant speed turbines.