Corten Vortex Generator

A CFD optimized Vortex Generator

The Corten Vortex Generator is a CFD optimized vortex generator made of the PVDF which is inherently UV-stable and highly erosion resistant. It is easily applicable, non-intrusive and is tested to have 20 years maintenance free operation on a wind turbine. They are applicable to all wind turbine rotors. The Corten Vortex Generator increases yield up to 3% for variable speed turbines and up to 10% and in some cases even 20% for constant speed turbines. The Corten Vortex Generator is available in 6 sizes suitable for blade chord length between 0.3 and 5 metres. The intellectual property rights are owned by Enercon via Wobben properties. CortEnergy has still application rights for wind turbines up to 500kW. patent.