CortEnergy B.V.

Is a company specialised in the aerodynamics of wind turbines and wind farms. The mission of CortEnergy is to improve wind energy so much that fossil energy and nuclear are no longer needed. Multiple inventions by CortEnergy / Corten made wind energy worldwide over 10% more efficient. And a new large inventions will be launched soon: The Friendly Wind Turbine. One of CortEnergy’s most noteworthy inventions is the development of the so-called Slender Blades. This technology is protected by four patent families and has resulted in an unparalleled 6-10% increase in energy output at the same costs. The technology has achieved approximately 80% market share and was transferred to the multinational Enercon GmbH in 2019. CortEnergy still has the patent rights for wind turbines up to 500kW. 

Gustave Corten

PhD MSc, a Dutch inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur, has been concerned about the world’s energy problems since his teenage years. During studying Nuclear Physics at Delft University, he concluded that nuclear energy is exciting physics however is not a viable solution for society.  Instead true clean sources like wind and solar energy are the future. Consequently, he pursued a Ph.D. in wind turbine aerodynamics, during which he developed the fundamental new insight that wind turbines operated at the Lanchester-Betz limit have an inherent heat loss of about 50% of the converted energy. This heat loss was not mentioned in earlier literature. Also in his Ph. D. he developed the so-called “stall flag-method”, which is the only method to visualize stall on full scale wind turbines. The method has been used several dozens of times and improved the performance of thousands of turbines all over the world.  As the founder of the first research group on wind Farm Optimization at ECN, Energy Centre of the Netherlands, Corten invented two methods that increased wind farm yield by a few percentage points. The two inventions called “Heat and Flux” and “Controlling Wind” have become leading topic of several research institutions. In 2007, Corten founded CortEnergy, a company that develops revolutionary wind technology and brings it to market. At CortEnergy, he invented the “slender blades”, which currently account for about 80% share of the worldwide market and enhance wind turbine efficiency by 6-10%. No other single invention increased wind energy efficiency so much.